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Biraj Bhatta And Rekha Thapa

Wiki info

Biraj Bhatt (Nepali: बिराज भट्ट) is a Nepalese actor who worked in Nepalese Cinema [Kollywood]. Bhatt can also worked in Indian Cinema [Bhojpuri]. One of the most popular actors in Nepalese cinema and popular in Bhojpuri cinema as "Action Star", he has also Appeared in Tharu Cinema. He is one of highest paid Nepali film actors. Biraj bhatt first movie in a supporting role in Khukuri he appeared in a movie a supporting role in films like Salaam Chha Maya Lai(2001), Pauju(2002) bilingual Movie Shot in Terai and dubbed in Nepali but the film did not do well at the box office. He also starred in Tharu Language Movie Abhagan Suhaagan(2005) which was a commercial success. He is recognized in successful movies as second lead such as Agnipath (2004), Durga (2005), Maidan (2005), Jeevan Daata (2005) Hami taxi driver (2006) Dadagiri (2007). Then he starred in the lead role in several hit movies such as Himmat, Kismat, Khayal Nayak, Sisila, Agni Jwala, Ilaka, Itihaas, Taqdeer, Arjun Dev, Dosti, Naina Resham, Giraftar, Himmat 2, Dhoom, Sapoot, Naya Nepal, Darr and many more. In the peak of his career He starred in his first Bhojpuri Movie Lagal raha ye Raja ji(2007) which was a Blockbuster Hit at the box office. He starred in Bhojpuri movies such as Mard Tangewala (2009), Hum Hai Hero Hindustani (2009) Mard Rikshawala (2010), Jaanwar (2012), Panchayat, Mahabharat, Durga, Rang, Gunday, Trishul, Shooter, Damini, Son of Bihar, Jungle Raaz, Hitler, Janeman, Lohe Ki Zanjeer, Daag, Bhaagi, Kartoos and others. He established himself as an action hero with many commercial hits back to back in Bhojpuri movies. In 2016 he made a comeback to the Nepali film industry with the action film Jai Parshuram but the film did not do well at the box office. He is to return in Sanglo which he directed and acted and also is committed to star in the Dhoom 4.

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