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Kickboxer 2

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While recovering in the hospital, Sloane is visited by Xian Chow (Chan), who trained his brother Kurt in Thailand. Though David initially wants nothing to do with him, he finally relents and allows Xian to nurse him back to health. Meanwhile, one of Sloane's most promising students, Brian Wagner, has secured a championship bout and invites Sloane to watch the fight. However, the champion is unexpectedly replaced by Po, who brutalizes the young man and kills him in the ring despite Sloane's efforts to talk the young fighter down. Now with no other recourse, Sloane is forced to accept Po's challenge. In a bloody bout reminiscent of the "ancient way" of fighting in Thailand, Sloane is beaten badly and has clouded vision. Utilizing his "rock and the river" technique, however, David ultimately exacts his revenge and defeats his rival. Having lost his honor, Sangha confronts David in the ring at gunpoint, but thanks to a distraction by his friend Jack, David is able to disarm and incapacitate him.

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