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Little Miss Giggles

Wiki info

She appeared on The Mr. Men Show (season two). She kept her goldish color, round body, yellow nose and brown hair; a black top-hat with a pink flower replaced her green striped bow, fuchsia Mary Janes with sparkles replaced her red sneakers and her freckles were gone. Her magic was also very defective – often producing unnecessary results (and sometimes side effects) at the most inappropriate times when a practical solution was needed (such as turning Little Miss Daredevil into a goat while trying to cure her of hiccups). She speaks with a Scottish accent in the US Dub and an Irish accent in the UK Dub. Her catchphrases are, "Sometimes my magic surprises even me!" and "Isn't it amazing?". On the Mr. Men website she says, "Ta-da! Magic!" Her voice actresses are Prudence Alcott (US) and Emma Tate (UK). Little Miss Magic has been published under the alternative titles of Madame Magie (French), Doña Brujilla (Spanish), Unsere Hollie Hokuspokus (German), Shénqí Xiǎojiě (神奇小姐; Taiwan), Masul Yang (마술양; Korean) and Η Κυρία Αμπρακατάμπρα (Greek).

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