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Mia Toretto 2001

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In the first film The Fast and the Furious, Dom leads a double-life in Los Angeles with his sister Mia, his girlfriend Letty, best friend Vince, and teammates Leon and Jesse. During the day, he tunes performance vehicles out of the auto shop behind his family's grocery store (which is run by Mia). At night, Dom and his team participate in illegal street racing in and around downtown LA. When they're not racing or working in the garage, the team performs precision hijackings out of three black high-performance Honda Civics, targeting semi-trucks on LA freeways transporting electronic merchandise valued at hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. LAPD police officer Brian O'Connor infiltrates the group while working undercover, using the alias of Brian Spilner and the guise of a new racer eager to participate in high-stakes matches. On his first night, he challenges Dom by buying into a race using the pink slip for his Mitsubishi Eclipse (later said to be valued at $80,000). Brian ultimately loses the race, and a subsequent run-in with Dom's rival Johnny Tran leads to the Eclipse's destruction. The result places Brian in debt to Dom for an equally capable vehicle that can run a quarter-mile in ten seconds. Over the following weeks and months, and much to the chagrin of Vince, Brian works closely with Dom and his team to restore a Toyota Supra in time to participate in Race Wars, a legal racing event held in the desert outside of LA that attracts hundreds of participants. Dom ultimately discovers Brian's identity when Brian is forced to expose himself to save Vince after their final daytime hijacking goes awry. Vince, having sustained physical trauma from the endeavor, is bleeding out, forcing Brian to call for medevac and announce himself as an LAPD officer. This deception infuriates Dom, who immediately departs with Mia, Leon and Letty. By the time Vince is loaded onto the medevac, Dom is speeding away in the last remaining Civic with the remnants of Dom's team. Brian catches up to Dom at his home in LA, Leon and Letty having already fled to avoid arrest. When Tran and his cousin Lance attempt a drive-by shooting on dirt bikes as revenge for an earlier dispute, Brian and Dom pursue them in separate cars. Dom, in his late father's 1970 Dodge Charger, manages to incapacitate Lance while Brian pursues Tran in his Supra and kills him after shooting him in the side, causing him to crash at high speed on his motorcycle. Dom then challenges Brian to a race, pitting the Charger vs. the Supra on a quarter-mile strip with a railroad crossing as the finish line. The two engage in the high-speed drag race ultimately against an oncoming train. Barely surviving the train, Dom immediately collides with a semi-truck pulling out of a side street causing the Charger to flip multiple times. Brian, rushing to his aid, understands Dom's plight and fulfilling his commitment to give Dom a ten-second car, hands over the keys to his Supra. Dom departs as the sound of police sirens approaches, leaving Brian to answer for his failure. In a post-credits scene, Dom is seen driving a Chevrolet Chevelle in Baja California, having eluded capture.

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