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Thumb Spica Splint For De Quervains

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Splinting is not new to the medical field or the world. It’s found that splinting has been used since ancient times. Evidence suggests that splint usage dates back to 1500 B. C. that could treat not only fractures but burns as well. These splints were made from materials like, "leaves, reeds, bamboo, and bark padded with linen… [and] copper. " Mummies from Egypt have been uncovered wearing splints from previous injuries that were obtained in their lifetime. Hippocrates, alive from 460-377 B. C. , was very well known for his discoveries and techniques for splinting. He created a "distraction splint" that was advanced for his time. The splint, made up of leather cuffs that were separated by slim wooden slats, worked to repair the fracture and realign the bones. Around 1000 A. D. the use of Hippocrates’ splinting technique using plants, like palm branches and cane halves, continued to be practiced. Flour dust, egg whites, and vegetable mixtures were created to form plaster for creating splints. Most splints in ancient times were cast-like and made to immobilize an area of the body. This is illustrated by the Aztecs around 1400 A. D. They made splints with leaves, leather, and paste.

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