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Withnail And I Stills

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The next day, Marwood realises Monty's visit has ulterior motives when he makes aggressive sexual advances on him; Withnail seems oblivious to this. He drives them into town to buy wellington boots but they end up spending the money he gives them on drink. Monty is hurt, though he puts it out of his mind quickly during a boozy round of poker. Marwood is terrified of what Monty might try to do and wants to leave immediately but after much argument Withnail insists on staying. Late in the night, Marwood tries to avoid Monty's company but is eventually cornered in the guest bedroom as Monty insistently demands they have sex. Monty reveals that Withnail, during the visit in London, claimed that Marwood was a closeted homosexual. Marwood lies that Withnail is the closeted one and that the two of them are in a committed relationship, which Withnail wishes to keep secret from his family and that this is the first night that they haven't slept together in years. Monty, a romantic, believes this explanation and leaves after apologising for coming between them. In private, Marwood furiously confronts Withnail.

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